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Tomer Eyzenberg

Software Developer & Teen Entrepreneur ☕🏃
18 y/o from 🇮🇱

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Me 💡

My Truths

Inspired and breathing the #StartupNation culture.

Hey! I'm Tomer Eyzenberg,

I take initiatives, create connections, inspire and get inspired and have a passion to influence the world 🌎.

Great time in Hawaii, hearing and sharing ideas and love Pizza.

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Get To Know Me

About 🐙

I’m an experienced developer based in Israel.
I'm a highly motivated and a very energetic person in the search of a vision and growth opportunities. I take part in many Hackathons, initiatives, competitions and projects.

Very enthusiast about startups.

Mentoring and advising teens in regards of Startups, Tech and Cyber.

I developed, researched and designed basic operating system, android apps, android robots, websites, games, physics simulators, drivers, Rest API's and many more.

Cyber Week @ TAU 2017
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Cyber Week @ TAU 2017
Yediot Hasharon (Newspaper)
Cyber Week @ TAU 2017
Cyber Week @ TAU 2017
1st place - Code Guru Extreme
Med4Dev Hakathon @ Google Campus
Presentation @ TAU 2017
Code Guru Extreme Winners @ TAU with Organizers and Minister of Economic Affairs
Excellence - Skillz Competition
Channel 2 - Benjamin "Benny" Gantz - Chief of General Staff of the Israel Defense Forces
Presentation @ TAU 2017
Presentation @ TAU 2017
3rd place - TIS Fintech Hackathon
International Congress of Youth
Scholarship for Computer Science Studies - IDC
Med4Dev Hakathon @ Google Campus

My journey ⛵

⬛ Organizer of MACCABIM-CTF 24 hours event @ MACCABIM Group in HaKfar-HaYarok June 2018

⬜ Newspaper (MACCABIM Group) @ Yediot Hasharon - Title: Breaking Point June 2018

​⬛ Social Excellence with Honors @ HaKfar-HaYarok June 2018

⬜ Founder of Cyber R&D Group  @ MACCABIM Group Jan 2018

⬛ Cyber Security Lecturer @ Hong Kong GSA Dec 2017

⬜ Cyber Research Project (Two books 150+ pages each) @ National Cyber Program Oct 2017

⬛ TV interview Benny Gantz (Chief of the General Staff) @ Channel 2 Aug 2017

​⬜ University student @ OpenU July 2017

⬛ Talk in Cyber Week Youth Seat 2017 @ TAU June 2017

​⬛ Cyber Course Lead @ GSA May 2017

​⬜ First Hi-Tech job at age 17 @ CyberX May 2017

⬛ Dev/Writer/Lead Organizer Volunteer @ Codeguru Apr 2017

⬜ Newspaper (CGX Winning) @ Yediot Hasharon - Title: Winning Code Apr 2017

⬛ Winning 1st place in Codeguru Extreme @ TAU Apr 2017

⬜ Codeguru @ IDC Apr 2017

⬛ Excellence in Cyber Competition Skillz @ Toto Holon Sports Hall March 2017

⬜ CityF atBash Security Competition @ CDI-Negev Beer Sheva Feb 2017

⬛ MIT Launch Entrepreneurship Program @ GSA Nov 2016

⬜ Youth Adviser Cyber and Startups @ GSA Sep 2016

⬛ Model United Nation @ HaKfar HaYarok International Youth Congress Aug 2016

⬜ Med4Dev Hackathon @ Google Campus Jul 2016

⬛ TIS Hackathon @ Samurai House In Israel June 2016

⬜ Owasp & Bluehat Israel @ Since 2016

IBM Israel ▪ ORT Israel ▪ 8200 Graduates Association ▪ IDF's IT Division ▪ Ofek Air Force Unit ▪ Efi Arazi School of Computer Science ▪ Israel Advanced Technology Industries (IATI) ▪ Ministry of Defense ▪ Ministry of Education ▪ Rashi Foundation ▪ World ORT Kadima Mada ▪ Pears Program for Global Innovation ▪ Massachusetts Institute of Technology ▪ Beer Sheva municipality ▪ PayPal ▪ Pearl Cohen Zedek Latser Baratz ▪ Schindler ▪ SoftBank ▪ TIS Inc ▪ Altshuler Shaham Benefits ▪ FinTech Aviv ▪ Subaru

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Work Experience 👓

My Career

Home: Experience

DevOps, CyberX

May 2017- present

ICS/SCADA Security for the Industrial Internet

Hackathons | CTF | Competitions

October 2015 - present

Teamwork and Solo
From mobile app development, robot software development and public speaking to competing in hacking contests and writing programs in machine code and bit sequences.

What I Do

Proficiencies ⌛

Home: Skills

Software Development

Developing in Python, C++, Java. Solving problems and learn new technologies on the go.
Working with both Linux and Windows environments.
Experience with different API's and Rest API's.
Experience with OS & driver development.


Research and development of cyber tools, vulnerabilities and reverse engineer. Intel processors, computer architecture and operating system internals.

Educational Experience 🎓

What I’ve Learned

Open University



National Cyber Program, Heights

2014 - 2018

Program for excellent students.
Cyber Security, Python, C++, Networking, Operating Systems and Assembly.

HSC, HaKfar HaYarok, MOFET


Highest degree in Computer-Science, Physics, Math and English.

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